Self Sabotage

Self Sabotage

lf-destructive behaviors are unhealthy survival strategies, patterns developed to cope with feelings of shame and powerlessness. Our addictions help us numb. When we are caught in these self-destructive tangles, we forget to feel badly about ourselves, but only for a brief moment in time.

If you are struggling with negative beliefs, you might torment yourself, blame yourself:

  • “I’m not good enough.”
  • “I don’t deserve love.”
  • “I must be permanently damaged.”
  • “I’m different, and I don’t belong.”
  • “I’m stupid.”
  • “I’m worthless.”

Many times these negative beliefs were adopted in childhood in an effort to manage overwhelming emotions such as shame or guilt. If you find yourself caught in the tangle of self-destructive talk or behaviors, there are many avenues to recovery and growth. The goal is to eliminate these harmful coping strategies by finding new ways to be kinder and gentler with yourself.

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