Feelings & Needs

Feelings & Needs

Your feelings act as your internal guidance system to help navigate relationship. They protect you from harm when someone is hurting you. They bring others closer when you need support. You should use your feelings like a compass: you may want to get closer or you might need some distance in your relationship.

Feelings are your body’s sensations. They are ephemeral and designed to only last for the moment. But the minute that you deny your feelings, don’t give them a voice, then they get more powerful and insistent.

Ironically, if you don’t talk about your feelings, the more emotion will cloud your decision-making process. You certainly won’t be able to listen and be present with the other person. Your fear or anger will consume you, and you will build a case against the other person, trying to prove your point. If you consistently experience the desire to “be right” in relationship, to win the argument at all costs, then your feelings may be owning you … and you may not be owning your feelings.

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