During a traumatic event, intense emotion interferes with our rational ability to process the experience. Our body goes into survival mode, and the trauma becomes frozen in our right brain / central nervous system.

Recalling the traumatic event may feel as though the person is re-living the trauma all over again. Unexpectedly the images, smells, sounds, and feelings are triggered in the present moment. When activated, these memories cause a negative impact on our daily functioning and interfere with the way we see ourselves, our world and how we relate to others.

EMDR therapy harnesses the power of the right brain where the traumatic memory is stored. By mindfully tending to the body and its responses, EMDR allows slows down the left brain by focusing directly on the images, sounds, and feelings associated with the trauma. After processing, the memory is still there, but it no longer interferes with our day-to-day functioning.

After decades of experimentation and research, the American Psychiatric Association, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation all recommend EMDR as the most effective way to treat symptoms of trauma and PTSD.

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