Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Opposites attract. It’s the chemistry of we relate to each other. It’s almost like our soul is seeking balance.

At first we are excited by our partner and the promise of a new relationship. Connection is easy and frequent. We share the best sides of ourselves in those early years, talking about our hurts and trying to be a comfort to each other. We call this phase the honeymoon period, and it can be intoxicating.

But every shiny, new relationship will eventually tarnish with time. Conflicts inevitably arise, and your compassion for your spouse will be put to the test. Do you view your partner as a resource or a threat?

Don’t struggle needlessly. Reach out for help.

Common Issues Explored in Couples Therapy

  • We drifted apart after the birth of our children.
  • My partner and I frequently argue about money.
  • We are struggling with sexual difficulties and lack of desire.
  • My partner had an affair, and I find it difficult to trust again.
  • We can’t stop arguing over the most insignificant details.
  • I fear that my partner might be addicted to drugs / alcohol.
  • My partner is getting close to someone else. Should I worry?
  • I constantly feel blamed and criticized.

I am a professional counselor, licensed by the State of Texas. I have extensive experience helping couples in therapy. If you would like the opportunity to get to know me better, please contact me at the email address below. We can set up a free 30-minute visit for you and your partner to determine if I am the best counselor to suit your needs.