Anger & Rage

Anger & Rage

Anger makes you feel strong and powerful. It keeps you safe from threat. Anger is necessary for your survival. Your central nervous system is designed like an alarm system. Once that alarm is triggered, it can be difficult to turn off.

Anger can be dangerous to your relationships. It’s difficult to respond with compassion or to think things through logically when everything in your body is telling you to fight. Anger is a reptilian response wired into the base of the brain through the amygdala. Before there was the ability to think, before there was the ability to love, there was anger and rage.

Like alcohol, anger can be intoxicating. When adrenaline is rushing through your body, you will be flooded with all kinds of self-protective instincts. Your ability to think rationally goes offline as your body prepares for action. You will be convinced that you are right. You may want to argue your point and try to convince the other person. You may want to hurt them in the same way that they hurt you.

Except in cases of physical danger, anger is a secondary emotion. Anger hides your vulnerability. If you are losing the struggle to control your temper at home or at the office, I would like to help. Together, we will set about the task of harnessing this powerful emotion so that you are in control of the anger … and it is not in control of you.

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